We are a first generation tennis family based in Brisbane.

We built a single court on our 2 acre property before the kids were born in the absolute direction that our kids will PLAY TENNIS.

See that court below in 2013

Now see below, that same court in 2023.

The kids are older and as we program and train for the ultimate goal of winning Wimbledon, we have developed a concept to train consistently, train repetitively and train hard.  See 3 of the 4 NEWTONS below.

As we approach 2025 our new 12 acre property will be developed for a "Not-for-Profit" training ground for world ranked Professional Tennis players from all over the planet to come Stay, Train and Hit for FREE

We call this "Respite for Tennis players"

Not for profit doesn't mean, poor or rundown facilities. We don't need your membership fees like all the other Tennis facilities.  We don't want a weekly direct debit fee like all the other facilities.  We also dont want you to have to beg or buy the opportunity to play on a world class clay court, like you have to, in Australia right now.

But our expectation is you'll trade or barter some time in lieu to bring through the new breed of players >12 years that are thoroughly vetted and committed to Tennis life.